Alma mater

At Vedic Vidyasram we believe that a school is not only a place of educational experience. It is more like a second home. Like our homes, it is the place where we form our earliest opinions, values, likes and dislikes. So we decided to impart more than just bookish knowledge, we decided to make our school a place where a child lives to learn and learns to live.

Our Curriculum - Towards Academic Excellence

The Curriculum of the School has been developed keeping in mind the highest international standards to open minds and break the barriers and boundaries that confine learning. Our curriculum approach focuses on imparting skill based knowledge using sequential learning techniques.

It follows an educational system based on the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE). More students in a classroom increase the number of students with varying degrees of learning ability and information uptake. Consequently, the teacher will spend less time on academics and more on having all students assimilate the information and be on the same page, when that time could be better spent progressing through the curriculum.

Our school has Highly Qualified, Dedicated and Experienced Faculty passionate about value based teaching, with good communication and presentation abilities to maximize each student's potential and learning experience. We follow unique teaching-learning methodologies that are student friendly and with student centered paradigms.

Our Motto

" Educate! Empower! Excel! " - " We educate the students to become an Intellect and in turn they can Integrate the nation as one "

Correspondent Desk

As to the words of Mc Brien & Brandt we promisingly work towards this goal, that is "The goal is to raise children to become morally responsible, self-disciplined citizens. Problem solving, decision making, and conflict resolution are important parts of developing moral character.

Vedic aims at sharing the knowledge, value and skills among individuals and communities with the ultimate aim of spreading knowledge. In order to achieve this aim, we promote localized analysis as well as comparative perspective, Similarly, we welcome varied innovations that perceive education with an integrative perspective bringing in local, national, regional as well as global contexts.

Developing strong character traits in children is an important issue in today's world. So Character education programs are striving to positively promote student success in academics, person and social interaction and through means such as encouraging them to speak respectfully towards others, volunteering throughout the community, becoming responsible citizens by caring for others, and building decision-making and problem solving skills. Vedic highly understands all those attitudes and works towards with the experienced scholars by providing all the individuals a right platform to develop and execute character education programs show signs of improvement in academic achievement.

Our beloved Correspondent

Principal Desk

Learning is a never ending phenomenon. We focus on Culturally Oriented, Value Based Education. In this world composed of myriad culture and people, only a continuous Endeavour in learning can lead to global integration. It is the responsibility of every individual to work for global integration, since the problems that confront this planet are everyone's concern.

My experience has taught me to learn. It has also taught me to impart the knowledge available to students in the right perspective. Knowledge and education go hand in hand to give society, its best markers.

The source of knowledge is education which is the bedrock of transformation and progress. Our motto is to " Educate! Empower! Excel! " - " We educate the students to become an Intellect and in turn they can Integrate the nation as one ", this embodies the impact of education imparted to integrate the nation. At Vedic Vidyashram, we are committed to impart quality education of global standards. We aim to create Lifelong Learners, Global Citizens and Inspirational Leaders who are innovative and have a strong sense of values.

Our beloved Principal
Mrs.R.Soma Sundari M.A M.Phil B.Ed